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I'm Monet

a web developer.

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I am a budding Web Developer. Front-end & Visual Design is my thing-I love to design! In addition to coding, I love sewing my own clothes & 🌱growing my own food.

My Skills.

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Design & Development

My passion for coding began before I even realized I was coding. There was a time when MySpace first came out and in order to have you picture have certain effects you had to add code. Even if you wanted to add an emoji, you needed code. Not realizing it, I was quite good at researching solutions to code I needed to implement and debugging to understand why it wasn't working. Now, I have a passion for designing a web site that is visual pleasing with flowly functionality!

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Fashion Design

This is another gift that was passed down through generations. My great-grandmother, currently a sharp & young 96, sewed all of her garments by hand. This included clothing for my grand mother, her daughter. My grandmother is the one who taught me how to sew. The rest is the making.

Let's connect!

After seeing all of this, most humans have questions. Let's get you some answers!

Feel free to reach out directly via email or browse my other work which may answer some questions you do have.

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